8 Screen PCs (Oct/Multi Setup)

Just like the six screen setups these are also uncommon to see but with eight monitors the capabilities of mulitasking even make the highest of tech giants shocked. Gaming, Work or General PC usage having an eight screen setup will bring the most out of your PC and will change the way you feel about adding monitors for different setups.

Why Eight Screens?

Hearing eight screens sounds a bit daunting but it is serious fun and also has major benefits to it. major and big companys or buinesses will tipically have an eight multi-monitor setup for example an IT company working on websites or hard/software will likely have a setup like this for a better and faster work enrionment. With eight screens you are getting a extremely wide range for your pc here with a lot of multasking copabilties.

What are The Benefits of Eight Screens?

With so many screens at your disposal multitaksing is going to easy and impressive to say the least. For work you can keep on top of anything with ease due to the fact you have so much space and room to keep lots loaded up, you can freely move from one screen to the next and have a very fast and prodcutive work experience. Having an eight screen gaming pc is going to take all your games and spread them across eight different screens giving you such a big and gorgeous gaming experience and display. 

How Multi Setups work?

To support all eight screens you will need a motherboard or graphics card with eight VGA or HDMI ports, if you do not you can always get a adapter to help with the problem. Having all eight monitors running at the same time  might weigh on your pc so it would be adviced to upgrade it before you start. All setups require the right amount of ports it is best to check your graphics card and motherboard for how many output ports you have. 

Do PC Specs Play a Factor in a Dual Setup?

Obsviously the better Specs the more your pc can do we all know that, for example if you want to game on a pc you are going to need better: RAM, Graphics card and Processor but with having a dual monitor Setup your Pc’s specs do not play a vital role for genral use or work (depending on the job role) the only affect it will have is with gaming you would need a better pc in general to keep up the lastest games but in terms of general useage it doesnt not have a significant role in performace loss or gain.