6 Screen PCs (Multi Setup)

Uncommon compared to the two, three and four setups a 6 monitor setup utlizes 6 screens for a bigger and better experience in general and for work or gaming/entertainment. The more screens you have running at the same time the more you can do, multitasking is very important so with a setup consisting of 6 screens there is nothing you can’t do

Why Six Screens?

A multi-monitor setup means you don’t have to focus on one  task or window at a time, instead you can have 6 different tasks all showing and ready to work on in one go. This is also a great setup for entertainment and gaming as you have more screens a gaming experience will be very dymanic and well vast, for entertainment you can watch netflix while you study or listen to music just do anything you want to. 

What are The Benefits of Six Screens?

When having a six screen setup you are only limited to what you want to do and are able to do, you can multitask with absoulte ease, no need to worry about getting over loaded with work or find your single screen boring and dull. With a multi setup work will become easier and you will never find your pc boring again.

How Multi Setups work?

To support all six screens you will need a motherboard or graphics card with six VGA or HDMI ports, if you do not you can always get a adapter to help with the problem. Having all six monitors running at the same time  might weigh on your pc so it would be adviced to upgrade it before you start.

Do PC Specs Play a Factor in a Dual Setup?

Obsviously the better Specs the more your pc can do we all know that, for example if you want to game on a pc you are going to need better: RAM, Graphics card and Processor but with having a dual monitor Setup your Pc’s specs do not play a vital role for genral use or work (depending on the job role) the only affect it will have is with gaming you would need a better pc in general to keep up the lastest games but in terms of general useage it doesnt not have a significant role in performace loss or gain.