4 Screen PCs (Quad/Multi Setup)

The Second most common among gamers and work staff is the four screen setups they are also known as quad or multi monitor setups consiting of four monitors. A setup like this allows for better and more multitasking capability for anything you want to do from work to gaming even general IT stuff. This can be achieved by each screen doing a different task or having a different window. 

Why Four Screens?

A multi-monitor setup means you can work faster and play harder, with four screens this makes for a perfect multi-purpose experience. You are able to be more productive in a work enrionment or have a bigger and more comfortable gaming/entertainment experience. If you are work and gaming focused then this setup is perfect for you. 

What are The Benefits of Four Screens?

With having four screens you can have an array of multitasking opportunities, if you’re at work you can have four different projects up at once or two of the same and one of them being a live feed to see changes in real time along with files you need and other documents you will need each on a different screen, for gaming or entertainment you can use all four screens for a wider gaming experience or use it for for gaming and music, maybe a movie instead. A mutli-monitor setup is only limited to what you want it to do for you.

How Quad/Multi Setups work

Each time you add another monitor to your pc you are adding another VGA or HDMI port, so your motherboard or graphics card needs to have four HDMI or VGA ports to support the ammount of screens you have (this also applies to 2-8 screen setups to)

Each screen apart from the orignal or first one will act like a second screen only just widening the actual desktop, this will not duplicate the display at all.  

Do PC Specs Play a Factor in a Dual Setup?

Obsviously the better Specs the more your pc can do we all know that, for example if you want to game on a pc you are going to need better: RAM, Graphics card and Processor but with having a dual monitor Setup your Pc’s specs do not play a vital role for genral use or work (depending on the job role) the only affect it will have is with gaming you would need a better pc in general to keep up the lastest games but in terms of general useage it doesnt not have a significant role in performace loss or gain.