2 Screen PCs

A 2 screen pc or dual monitor set up allows for faster work production allowing you to essentially do multiple tasks at once without feeling cramped with lots of tabs open on one screen, you can now space everything out with ease. One monitor will run as the main with the second used as a “second screen” 

Why Do I Need a Second Screen?

Having a second screen is great for work or gaming, even just general use you will see a dramatic change as to what you can do compared to a single screen pc build. This is due to the fact when having a second screen running it can become an extention to your PC, two screens but in the form of a whole screen this is done but the second monitor widening your orignal screen meaning everything you can can now be split up on two screens but is still only a singluar operation. 

What are The Benefits to a Second Screen?

There are numerous benefits to having a dual screen set up for example the ability to work faster on tasks and general work this is amazing if you are in the IT industry or business as you can utilize both screens for work. If you are gaming the bigger the field of view the better so a dual or multi set up is going to be your best option, even down to just general use a dual set up is amazing you can be browsing for clothes on one screen and watching a video or movie on the other. The possibilities are only limited by the user.

How Dual Setups Work?

A dual set up works just like a single only difference is you need either two HDMI or VGA ports, if your PC doesn’t have two HDMI or VGA ports you can get a adapter to solve this issue. All you need to do is plug in one to begin with set up your PC and plug in the other. The HDMI And VGA ports are commonly found in either your graphics card or motherboard.

Do PC Specs Play a Factor in a Dual Setup?

Specs play a big role in any setup you have from one screen to four plus build, Just because you have a graphics card with two HDMI or VGA ports (or even both) doesn’t always mean you are good to go running two screens at the same time the same will apply to any higher build you are going for.