Company History

Why IT?

As we continue into an age of Digital and Business growth, Total IT Solutions looks to stand ahead of the crowd.

Why TIS?

TIS boasts an team of IT experts that continues to grow in experience with the many clients that we undertake.

Why us?

With our high standards in customer service and relations, many clients always send us word of how satisfied they are.

A newly founded IT Solution and Services business, Total IT Solutions is based in Colchester, Essex and reaching out across the Essex and South East Anglia regions. Our founder Danny Nevill, multi-award winning entrepeneur, leads us through as one of the best IT Solution businesses around.

Our team here shares an ever-expanding passion and increasing wealth of knowledge in regards to anything topical IT. We pride ourselves in being up-to-date on the latest technologies and looking how to further our business and best deal with any Computing troubles you may have.

We believe it is in your best interest to stay ahead of your competitors, and what better way to do so than updating your systems so that your staff can work to the best of their abilities and remain as productive as possible.

Company Founder

Danny Nevill is an expert in business and entrepeneurism. With many successful projects under his belt, it’s no wonder that he has begun to spread his reach into IT Solutions. Not only does Danny have a passion for Website Building, he enjoys creating solutions for offices that need state-of-the-art computing systems that allow for multi-tasking and high performance where needed.

Make no mistake, we know we deliver exemplary services. The many clients we have undertaken have given us such wonderful testimonials, and every one resurges our passion and want to give you the best chance at being the best business in your sector.

Total IT Solutions. The IT company that deals in all Hardware, Software and Installation services. Total confidence. Total control.